Jonesy Goes West


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Video painting

Ben “Bonzo Jr.” Jones recently opened an exhibition at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. See, that’s him, just below Andy. How is this related to comics? Well, only just barely, but PictureBox is releasing a book of work related to this show, and the book will include a new, substantial comic by Jonesy. Anyhow, here are some pix from the show. Next stop Lucerne with me and Jack Kirby.


3 Responses to “Jonesy Goes West”
  1. bryanocki C says:

    Fort Worth and Ben Jones were born to be in each other’s arms. Like two Alien Pods in a Pea.

  2. davis says:

    Please don’t be shy about non-comics-related posts, this is great to see and that another book’s forthcoming is exciting news (Ben’s last was so good!). I realize this is not solely a Picturebox site and it is indeed called, Comics Comics, but it’s a close relationship indeed. So why not? That said, it would be great to see some reports on 30 Days NY and my eyes are popping out to feast over If-n-Oof and PM(3) in the near future…

  3. Nicole Rudick says:

    Please don’t be coy about a future Ben Jones book. Some of us take his stuff very seriously!

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