PictureBox and Santoro Forcibly Occupy MoCCA


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Painting by Doug Johnson for Judas Priest. Approximates the vibe of the PictureBox booth.

This year Frank and I will be at MoCCA in full force (NYC, April 10-11, Booth A19-20A).

I will have all things PictureBox, including the debut of our Charles Willeford book, as well as Thurber’s new 1-800 MICE 4. There will also be the usual extra special items from everyone from Neal Adams to Anya Davidson. Yes, you read that correctly. Ask nicely and I’ll show you the original pages for Real Deal that will be for sale for the first time. Frank will have a fantastic selection of back issues for sale. Calling in from “the basement”, Santoro had this to say:

I now have a “Master’s Box”: Kirby, Mazzucchelli, Steranko, Brown (Chester), Barks, McCarthy, and, uh, Ditko! Plus other, lesser known masters like Ogden Whitney and Pete Morisi. You need Slash Maraud? I got yer Slash Maraud! You needa da Cold Heat? I gotchooda Cold Heat! A new comic book costs at least 3 bux these days. I will have whole boxes of great stuff for 3 bux and under. Plus a “quarter box” – meaning each comic is only 25 cents! That’s right, True Believers, you thought it couldn’t happen in NYC but it’s happening. Finally some good, cheap comics for sale in the Big Apple!

I’ll be debuting my own Art in Time: Unknown Comic Book Adventures 1940-1980 at the Abrams booth at 1 pm on Saturday with a signing by yours truly.

Avant men Frank and Dash will be on a panel on Saturday at 12:45, moderated by Bill K. They’ll be discussing color and line and form. Go get your learn on.

Peter Blegvad will be at the PictureBox booth on Sunday, 4/11, from 1 pm to 3 pm signing books. Don’t miss this rare opportunity.

            That’s it! See you soon!

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            8 Responses to “PictureBox and Santoro Forcibly Occupy MoCCA”
            1. Douglas Wolk says:

              Peter Blegvad!! That just made my day.

            2. I wish I could be there! Sniff…

            3. […] Nadel sent us that Doug Johnson painting, which he says approximates the vibe at the PictureBox booth. What's going on? PictureBox will be debuting two books, Charles Willeford's I Was Looking for a […]

            4. bryanocki C says:

              You better watch out flashing an image like that, Rob Halford’s gonna ride his rock hard motorcycle over your cute little booth and you’ll be a comic nerd smear on the floor, he’ll drag your Head out to the Highway.

            5. But then Rob would be “Breaking The Law, Breaking The Law”

            6. bryanocki C says:

              “Hell Bent for Leather” Halford doesn’t care, he’s a “Sinner”, he’ll take some “British Steel” and “Ram it Down” your Cold Heat Throat, the dude “Delivers the Goods”. “Some Heads are Gonna Roll.”

            7. T. Hodler says:

              Stand by for exciter.

            8. Tom Spurgeon says:

              Answer my e-mail before you go back to the show Sunday, Dan. Please.

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