Friday, October 19, 2007

Santoro popped up for a surprise blog entry! All right! Well, I had a good time at SPX and agree with Frank about two important things: Speak of the Devil is the best ongoing comic book in the world right now (only AYC and Raisin Pie come close) and Kevin H. should be featured in conversation with Ben Jones next SPX, or perhaps at MoCCA. The two most restless searchers in the medium. SPX felt pretty routine this year. I was thrilled to see the new Brian Ralph book, intrigued by Ken Dahl’s stuff, and psyched to see the Baltimore kids working hard, not to mention the debut of Panray, a pretty rad new silkscreen tome. No major surprises though, I suppose, and I agree with Frank: a pretty insular crowd. Was totally amused by the various “fight” threads over on the Beat and TCJ. And, um, that’s it. I gotta get back to work!

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