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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Coming May 1, 2010: “The House That Jack Built”. Over one hundred pieces of art by Jack Kirby (and co.) from the 1940s to the 1980s on display at Fumetto in Lucerne, Switzerland. I put this exhibition together with Paul Gravett and we’re both extremely excited about what we believe is the largest Jack Kirby retrospective ever mounted, and his very first in Europe. Among the treasures on display: A complete Fighting American story; stories from the unpublished Soul Love comic, a complete Fantastic Four story, numerous covers and splashes, pencils, remarkable character sketches from the 1940s, paintings, and a lot more. And yes, the credits will be fully visible, as will a brief essay on his past (and his estate’s present) difficulties with Marvel. I’ll say more on this later, but I want to publicly thank Rand Hoppe and the Jack Kirby Museum for so much help. That museum web site is a wonderful overlooked resource. Check it out.

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6 Responses to “Jack Rules”
  1. Jeet Heer says:

    Wow, I really wish I could see this show. Any chance for a catalogue?

  2. Dan Nadel says:

    No catalog, alas. I wish, but the rights issues are too complicated, even on something small.

  3. wwc says:

    I wish there was a way to get this over to the States but I’m guessing there isn’t. DANG!

  4. patrick ford says:

    Charles, How is “The Burning Hand” coming along?
    The best quote on Kirby I’ve seen recently came from Mark Evanier in TJKC #53:
    “I do believe that some human beings on this planet are just smarter than other people.”

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