Watch Out Toronto


Friday, August 17, 2007

PictureBox is blowing into Toronto tonight to engage in TCAF, The Toronto Comic Art Festival, Saturday and Sunday. Frank Santoro and I will be our usual bleary-eyed slightly grouchy selves. But we’ll be happy to see you! And we will sell you things!

Debuting at TCAF is Brian Chippendale’s decade-in-the-making Maggots. We have just 30 advance copies for sale. Get ’em quick! Also, we’ll have some eye-popping prints and posters by Chippendale, C.F., and Leif Goldberg, fresh off the ink stained floors of Providence, RI.

Come and let us rock you!

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  1. D_W_ says:

    I grabbed Maggots @ TCAF, it’s pretty wicked! The smaller scale amps the intensity of the repetitive scribblings (like diving into a mug of strong coffee)and the Japanese text adds further buzz. Thanks again Picturebox.

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