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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Here’s a bit of self promotion!

PictureBox Inc. is proud to announce its brand new web site:

As designed by Circle and Square, the new site will function as both the PictureBox catalog and a hub for a carefully curated international selection of artists products. Every product is either chosen or commissioned according to PictureBox’s high aesthetic and production standards. Current site exclusives include plates and shirts by Gary Panter, prints by Brian Chippendale, C.F., Paper Rad (see above!), and Taylor McKimens, animation cells by Amy Lockhart, and zines by Misaki Kawai and John Broadley. is a culture unto itself, linking visual nodes across the globe.

PictureBox is a Grammy Award-winning art, music, photography, and comics publisher based in Brooklyn, New York. PictureBox specializes in bringing artists’ visions to print in startling and unexpected ways. All of our books are meticulously designed and printed to create as unique and immersive a reading experience as possible. PictureBox publishes its own books and also packages books and concepts for museums and galleries around the world. Previous books include The Wilco Book, Ninja, Paper Rad, B.J. and da Dogs, and Gore among others. Its most recent publications include Real Fun: Polaroids from the Independent Music Landscape (Ashod Simonian), Wipe That Clock Off Your Face (Brian Belott), and The Ganzfeld 5: Japanada.

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