The Sad News


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Most of you’ve probably already heard the news elsewhere, but for those of you who haven’t, the serialized version of Cold Heat has been discontinued.

See the details here.

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5 Responses to “The Sad News”
  1. Jon Chandler says:

    Oh what a bummer. Books really do seem to be the way to go even though I did my damndest to promote Cold Heat in Gosh London. I think there was a genuine interest for a serialised indie comic as there’s really not that much out there in that format anymore (although the Ignatz format has definitely been a success story). However, I got the idea that after getting one or two issues people have had a look-in and then want to wait for a book. I’m personally guilty of prefering the book format because I want to grab something straight from the shelf when I want to see it again rather than dig in a drawer or a box. I’m just glad that we will see it completed, to see this ace title unfinished would be too depressing.

  2. Marc Deckter says:

    Well that’s too bad – it was fun waiting for each comic to arrive! I’ll definitely be looking forward to the full book in 2008…

  3. Matt Kish says:

    For some reason this makes me really angry. Not at PictureBox or BJ or Frank at all, but at a market that propels something like “Civil War” to new sales heights and regularly trots out the latest cheesecake Mary Jane statue or porn-fueled Power Girl cover but won’t support something as challenging or delightful as “Cold Heat.”

    I’m buying 2 copies of the collected “Cold Heat” now.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sad.? I’m grateful it won’t see a larger audience.

  5. Satu says:

    at a comic festival i noticed that Cold Heat was the only comic that all my fellow tradescolleagues (two of them, was a pretty small event) had in stock.

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