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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Burger King's true nature

For some inexplicable reason, Adult Swim/Burger King did NOT host the critical Neon Knome election yesterday, as they had announced (and as we mentioned earlier here), but instead waited until late this afternoon to suddenly, and without warning, slip the contest under all interested radars.

Do not let this injustice stand. I don’t know how long this contest will last, so go to the site now to cast your vote for integrity, solid values, and Neon Knome.

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23 Responses to “Take Action Against Unfair Web Weirdness!”
  1. VinceB says:

    How the hell did Kupperman’s lose against that trash?

  2. bryanocki C says:

    Jesus the YAPPY Broads are winning!!!!! I posted in the few online groups i belong to to try and get NK up to the front. I’m thinking of writing a message about it on my chest and sitting naked at Chatroulette.com all day but how much can one man do???????

  3. bryanocki C says:

    ben is getting creamed. i do not understand.

  4. bryanocki C says:

    sorry, obviously i won’t shut up about this , but i voted a few times and at least one time right after i voted for Knomes, knomes went Down a percent, and i read the same happened to someone else. WAY more people are talking about Knomes being better on the web, but its getting destroyed by Yappy. I think the votes are being tallied backwards. Shit is rigged.

  5. VinceB says:

    We shouldn’t be surprised. The shit always bubbles to the top.

  6. Dan Nadel says:

    This is annoying. Everyone I know has voted and the percentages are not changing. The fix is in. Keep trying everyone! Luckily Ben is working on a whole other show at the moment, but still. We need to have a victory for quality!

  7. Cricket says:

    I would have liked to have seen both Kupperman and Ben’s show win, but I seriously doubt Adult Swim ‘fixed’ the contest. It’s more likely that popular taste just isn’t what you’d like it to be. The audience for Adult Swim is enormous, and ‘everyone you know’ is only going to amount to a tiny, tiny fraction of it.

  8. Cricket says:

    On the other hand, a cursory examination of the internets reveals that NOBODY like “Yappy Broads.” So maybe I’m becoming a Neon Knome ‘truther’, too!

  9. Dan Nadel says:

    Let’s start the Neon Kome Truther movement now. Bryanocki Chippensnale will be our leader. We will march on Burbank!

  10. BVS says:

    yappy broads isn’t even a cartoon! is wearing a wig all it takes to get on cartoon network?

  11. I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This makes me feel like a talon beast is my chest, flapping and clawing angrily. Dan what is the other show???????????????

  12. bryanocki C says:

    Is there an Adult Swim Office in Providence RI????? Its New Comics Day but i got a little time to swing by and Change Some National Taste.

  13. Cloaca says:

    wtf NEON KNOME is blowin up, totally viral… the internets are vibrating with paperrad’s radiance.

    if this inferior YB gets inaugurated, we take to the streets! we will find the makers of this weak YB shit & “un-like” anything they’ve ever done. so anrgy riht now ikant eveun type!!!,ssca

  14. bryanocki C says:

    i just spent 8 minutes voting and page refreshing for KNome, a total of 100 votes, but i couldn’t budge the scales either way. This doesn’t support my argument that a vote for Knome goes to Y(cr)appy.

  15. T. Hodler says:

    They probably only allow your vote to count once (for each computer/IP address), so that doesn’t necessarily mean anything either way.

  16. bryanocki C says:

    no! no! i thought that might be the case but i refuse to believe!

    Tim, you’re part of the scheme to get Ben Jones to quit all this corporate cartoon bullshit and get back to comics. You posted this thread about voting, and rigged the system to record all votes in the Yappy catagory.

    and anyway, i have 100 computers in my house each with a different IP address, each made of a different form of rare clay.

  17. T. Hodler says:

    I am feeling more and more certain that their voting mechanism is broken. Every single time, the show on the left wins by huge, huge margins. If you see today, it’s happening again. Very weird.

  18. Cricket says:

    It would have to be broken in a really strange way to skew votes (rather than, say, ignoring them). But maybe.

    Still, I think it’s more likely that people are lazy and only watch the first show…. or tend to click the first vote button they see… or have terrible taste…

  19. blech. all for the best that kupperman and jones are less associated with burger king than this contest already makes them.

  20. davis says:

    It would be much cheaper to make the live action show, of which at least 2 episodes have already been produced. I’m going to assume Neon Knome has only the pilot, pending a green light for more. Budgets and schedules are made well in advance, so it seems doubtful the internet would have any real say. However, it would make a nice dvd not unlike the one in Ganzfeld 7 and it’s exciting to hear Ben has something else cookin’ up in Burbank. Neon Knome is the best Paper Rad animation yet, with better voices, better soundtrack, and better animation. The story/design are always GREAT, which is the most important thing, and why the earlier animation is also so entertaining/watchable.

  21. concerned party says:

    does this mean we get our “art of neon knome” book all the sooner?

    i’m talkin storyboards, behind the scenes anecdotes
    arguments with “corporate” on the phone over the “script”
    the rise to the top, the internet accolades, the brutal failure
    the dusting of the blog comments left in it’s wake

    i voted for neon knome and i didn’t get a t-shirt, toy or cereal

  22. bryanocki C says:

    actually Davis(Jim i assume). in terms of PaperRadish Jonesian Cartoons, i would vote the voices are worse and borderline irritating. I liked it better when BJ did every voice himself. (except the narrator, whose final scene is creepy as hell).

  23. davis says:

    Imagine Ben & co. running wild with those 1980s Garfield cartoons, something like Sealab 2021. Ben would totally have to do his voice! I like Ben’s voices in the older work, but it was neat to hear something different (slicked for TV) with Neon Knome. If I were Jim, I’d give Ben the keys to the car, push the Saturday morning cartoon line-up to include Neon Knome, and get, concerned party, some one-color plastic figurines (they hold a pencil) into Burger Meals Happy Kings.

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