Frank Santoro interview


Sunday, December 23, 2007

The mighty Tom Spurgeon interviewed me for Comics Reporter. It’s a pretty awesome interview and covers ground not discussed in the equally awesome Inkstuds radio interview I did recently. Please check it out here.

To the right is an old Sirk zine of mine from ’93.

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6 Responses to “Frank Santoro interview”
  1. Tom Spurgeon says:

    Thanks for killing my site, Frank.

  2. Frank Santoro says:

    Whoops. Did you hear? Francis Ford Coppola saw the Bookforum review and he’s “taken an interest” in the project. That’s why. I think he’s producing and his daughter is directing. It’s like a scene from the film Barton Fink. Remember the producer of Capitol Pictures?

  3. Tom Spurgeon says:

    Now I’m confused, although I take it I’m the John Goodman character.

  4. Frank Santoro says:

    I’m Chet. The bellhop.

  5. Inkstuds says:

    Damn Spurge, i am trying to slack off at work, i was looking forward to reading this. I like to see how a real interview does this thing.

  6. Brian says:

    The interview can be read by doing a google search for Tom Spurgeon Frank Santoro interview and then clicking on the cached version. That’s what I did, after a sadly long period of anticipation.