Jack Cole, Johnny Craig—What’s the Difference?


Friday, December 21, 2007

See if you can catch the several (not-important-at-all-oh-no) mistakes I’ve cleverly hidden in my replies to Tom Spurgeon’s interview questions over at the Comics Reporter. If you can find all five (or are there more?), I will reward you with a look of embarrassed panic.

[UPDATE: To paraphrase General Petraeus, the Spurge is working — and the mistake I allude to in the headline of this post has now been fixed. No more freebies in this contest.)

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6 Responses to “Jack Cole, Johnny Craig—What’s the Difference?”
  1. Brian says:

    I think I’ve said this before, but if not, I really think that on Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol his artistic collaborators are largely simpatico and generally good, although the high point is a sequence drawn by Jamie Hewlett. I’ll also mention that Casanova has been the only mainstream comic I’ve liked for the last year or two.

    And since you take credit for it in that interview, I would like to say I really liked the thing in the first Ganzfeld about the occurrence of things in popular songwriting as opposed to how often they occur in reality.

    I’d also like to thank Spurgeon for linking to that Matt Groening top 100 list- what a fascinating thing that is.

    Anyway, one of the most pleasurable interviews I’ve seen since Santoro was on that podcast. Here is hoping that CF panel from SPX makes it way to the internet for a trifecta before the year’s out.

  2. T Hodler says:

    Thanks, Brian! I’ll give Doom Patrol a shot. Maybe it’ll turn me around.

  3. E. M. Penck says:

    If I may intercede, gentlemen, with a small correction: regarding the humorous piece of writing commended by Brian from Ganzfeld #1, all plaudits must go to one Jesse Fuchs. If these decaying memories still serve, his name and his contribution are are within that very volume conjoined.

    Mr. Hodler correctly credits himself for the maximum of the un-credited pieces (though, true to his nature, he tempts paradox in doing so).

  4. Frank Santoro says:

    Where’s Bill Kartalopoulous? He’s got that CF SPX interview somewhere…

  5. T Hodler says:

    Penck is right. Thanks, E.M.!

  6. Dan says:

    Wow, Penck, nice to hear from you. It’s been ages.

    Bill K., for reasons known only to himself, refuses to send me the CF audio from SPX. It takes less than 15 seconds to drag an mp3 into an email and click “send”, but alas, Bill’s too busy to do so. I’ve offered to go to his computer myself and do it for him, but he hasn’t responded to that offer. What to do?